Portland Therapy

I’m a Portland therapist in private practice close to downtown. I join with couples and individuals who seek change in their lives. Working from a mindfulness-based approach that is informed by cognitive and psychodynamic theory, my style is to encourage you to “watch” your thoughts and feelings and get curious about what is happening. This nonjudgmental stance of curiosity is what moves the work. When we learn to be present in the discomfort, possibilities emerge. That’s where I come in. While my approach is guided by these methodologies, I am also continually learning new and effective ways to create lasting change.


Therapeutic Relationship

Whether you are new to therapy or a seasoned veteran of personal work, the process of change is a tender one. I respect the courage and vulnerability it requires to seek help. No matter what is bringing you to therapy or how much personal work you have or have not done, you are the expert of you. My role is to help you deal and feel, but more importantly, pierce a giant hole in whatever is driving your discontent and get you back in charge of your life.

Counseling will help you better understand your emotions, behaviors, and the thoughts that contribute to your issues. It demands your active involvement, requiring your time, effort, and regular attendance. Whether you struggle with lack of meaning, self-doubt, relationship difficulties or restlessness, you are not alone.


Licensed Professional Counseling 

My practice is based on traditional psychodynamic, cognitive and mindfulness approaches, which allows flow and flexibility to the work. Foremost is the development of our relationship. Whether I’m working individually or with a couple, the process begins with being honest and authentic. When the work is grounded in a trusting relationship, it allows us to deepen naturally. It won’t feel heavy, despite being weighty.

I currently specialize in anxiety, personal growth, self-esteem, and dissociation. There’s no need to go another minute mired in stuckness. There is a way out. The choices we make every day, no matter how trivial, contribute to creating a life that is more (or less) fulfilling. Each journey is unique. You’re the pilot. My role is to help guide you back to your inner knowing.


Creating Transformation

A life lived to the fullest extent possible is the ultimate goal of therapy. Easy in theory, yet often times hard to put into practice. I know the science of change and bring 20 years of expertise to the work of transformation.

To provide the best outcome, it’s important for me to learn about you. I’ll ask about your family and relationships, how you experience your daily life, and what is and isn’t working. I’ll also encourage new behaviors as “an experiment” both during and in-between sessions.

Your participation is vital. You may be given homework. Which may come in the form of asking you to reflect on a theme or thought that came up in session. Or you may be asked to fill out a “prep sheet” to give continuity and structure to the session. I may ask you to bring in an image that captures the essence of something that came up in session. Most importantly, it’s about people sitting together in a trusting relationship around a united goal.

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