Mindfulness-based Therapy

I’m a mindfulness-based therapist in private practice close to downtown Portland. My style is a blend of experiential and somatic psychotherapy. This simply means the clinical setting is a place to practice in session. We’re going to do more than just talk. I teach ways of being that allow you to study your edge and grow past areas of stuckness. I believe in the power of the unconscious and will likely encourage you to “watch” your thoughts and feelings and get curious about what is happening. When we sit with discomfort in a safe and mindful way, we become stronger and more resilient. And for a brief moment together, we practice and explore what it’s like to let go and trust in ourselves, trust in the other, and life itself. Building that trust is at the heart of the work.

Therapeutic Relationship

Whether you are new to therapy or a seasoned veteran of personal work, the process of change is a tender one. I respect the courage and vulnerability it requires to seek help. No matter what is bringing you to therapy, you are the expert of you. My role is to guide you, but the motivation is yours. Maybe you want to change because something doesn’t feel right anymore. Or you know there is a way to live with more vitality and just need some help getting out of your own way. My role is to help you find the inner resources to live life as you know it can be.

Licensed Professional Counseling 

Aside from mindfulness-based therapy, I’m educated in psychodynamic, cognitive and depth psychology. Additionally, I’m trained in Yin Yoga and a variety of somatic and experientially approaches such as Hakomi, IFS and AEDP. My wide scope of practice lends flow and flexibility to the work.

I currently specialize in:

The choices we make every day, no matter how trivial, contribute to creating a life that is more (or less) fulfilling. Each journey is unique. You’re the pilot. My role is to help guide you back to your inner knowing.