Month: August 2010

Power Up Your Breakfast

To keep your energy up, improve your mood and rev up your metabolism, eat protein for breakfast, says Mark Hyman, M.D., author of Ultra-Metabolism. “Most people start off in a way that sets them up for disaster. When you eat only carbs, you don’t have […]

Pointing the Finger

You can’t create a flourishing relationship by only fixing what’s wrong, but it’s a start.  The best place to begin is to focus on changing yourself rather than your partner. Couples therapy works best if you have more goals for yourself than for your partner. Problems occur […]

Connect With The Kid In You

As a child, you were pure, wide-eyed and open to the world. Slowly, over time, you internalized both the positive and negative voices around you. As we get older, the negative voices echo the loudest. So your first step is to reconnect with the kid […]

Attachment Theory (In a Nutshell)

Attachment is the deep, lasting bond between a child and caregiver. The nature of the attachment bond, established from the beginning of life, has far-reaching implications for the developing individual over the whole life span. Attachment experience influences thinking patterns, physical growth, emotional capacity, life […]