Our Human Potential

I discovered Karen Horney serendipitously in my twenties. One of her books was left behind at the laundry mat. I picked it up and my life has never been the same.  Her words, despite the gender bias of the times, are as relevant and challenging today as they were fifty years ago.  This following quote captures her exuberant faith in […]

Archetypes, Motives and Meanings

Few now accept the tabula rasa view of human psychology. Within each infant is a life force, innate aspects, that guide motives and meaning making. Carl Jung called our innate guiding systems archetypes. Archetypes influence the unfolding of development. Jung postulated that humans, as an evolved species, inherit specific dispositions and that these predispositions serve to […]

Pain is a Part of Happiness

Happiness demands that we confront negative feelings head-on, without letting them overwhelm. Real life is full of disappointments, loss and inconveniences. To live a rich and meaningful life, we must allow ourselves a full range of emotions. Otherwise life is just a struggle against reality. Negative states are as important as positive, they help cue us into what […]

Support Each Other

In a Northwestern University study, those who believed that their partners encouraged their “ideal achievements” reported higher marital satisfaction – and it wasn’t just about helping him become a rock star or her a top doctor. When a partner felt supported even in daily obligations, he or she was significantly happier in their relationship.

Awake Mind

The word “compassion” comes from the Latin word compati, which means “to suffer with”. Probably the best-known definition is that of the Dalai Lama who defined compassion as “a sensitivity to the suffering of self and others, with a deep commitment to try to relieve it.  In other words, sensitive attention-awareness plus motivation. In the […]


Time skews our perceptions of happiness. Take the the way parents look back warmly on their children’s preschool years as an example. A Princeton study found that childcare ranked very low on the list of what makes people happy, below napping and watching TV. And, yet, if you were to step back and evaluate a decade of your […]

Sleep (Well) Together

Men who slept better at night were more likely to feel positive about their relationship the following day, according to a recent study.  And couples who reported the highest quality and hours of sleep per night also had the happiest unions.  Sometimes this requires creativity.  Nose strips not working on your sweet snorer?  Try wearing ear plugs. […]