Month: May 2011

Happiness 101

Have you noticed the happiness craze?  Last year alone 4,000 books were published on happiness, thanks in large part to the positive psychology movement. There are those who see in the happiness brigade a glib Pollyanna gloss. So it’s not surprising that the happiness movement has unleashed a counterforce. […]


There comes a point when you just love someone. Not because they’re good, or bad, or anything. You just love them. It doesn’t mean you’ll be together forever. It doesn’t mean you won’t hurt each other. It just means you love them. Sometimes in spite […]

Do Lunch

Schedule a weekly lunch date with a rotating cast of characters like your partner, close friends, coworkers or anyone you’d like to get to know better. Studies show people with strong, diverse social networks live longer, experience less mental decline as they age, and have […]

The Art of Self Study

Mindfulness-oriented approaches to psychotherapy, such as Hakomi, help assist people to study how they organize their experience.  What does this mean exactly? If someone has a habitual way of doing something based on an unconscious attitude or belief, the therapist helps to bring these thoughts into consciousness where they […]