Month: February 2012

Interpersonal Bridges

We are born with a need for others. It’s hard-wired. As we grow, that need becomes more refined. We need to feel that we are significant to others, that we exist in their heart and mind.  We need to know that others want to be in […]

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is the branch of service and none of us can escape this pathway. The principle of karma yoga is that what we experience today is created by our actions in the past. Being aware of all this, all of our present efforts become a […]

Of Human Bondage

It’s a phenomenon that I’ve often observed without understanding it.  Inside someone, another person may exist, a fully formed, generous and trustworthy individual who never comes to light except in glimpses, because he is surrounded by a corrupt, dyed-in-the-wool, repeat offender. ~Peter Hoeg