Exploring how kindness and appreciation flow back and forth in couples, Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D., examined how people habitually express appreciation to their partners. Turns out some people say “thanks” better than others. Whereas many people express their appreciation to others by highlighting the benefit they received – the gift, the favor, or the kind deed […]

Love 101

In this series, Love 101, I’ll be sharing bits of information gleaned from the most recent research in Positive Psychology and neurobiology. There will be some “sciency” stuff, some experiential exercises to help bump up your capacity for giving and receiving of love, as well as my standby of inspirational talks. Much of the material will be from […]

Fuel for Anxiety

Cognitive psychologists have found that the process of identifying and disputing irrational thoughts is a very effective way to short-circuit the anxiety cycle so we can regain our equilibrium, think more clearly, and feel a lot better. So the next time you’re feeling anxious, walk yourself through these three steps. Remind yourself that anxiety naturally […]