Month: July 2013

The Ratio

Researchers love their numbers and when it comes to positivity, there golden ratio is 3-to-1. This means that for every heart-wrenching negative emotional experience you endure, you aim to experience at least three heartfelt positive emotional experiences that uplift you. The 3-to-1 ratio is the […]

“I suffer with depression.”

This nineteen year old kid blew me way with his courage and honesty. So good. Depression

Wisdom and Compassion as Traits

Positive emotions expand awareness and open minds. Although the expansion is as subtle and short-lived as the emotion itself, it accounts for increases in creativity, autobiographical memory, resilience, and social connection – to name a few. Over time, these momentary states of expanded awareness accumulate […]

You’re So Emotional!

Emotions are necessary – even when they’re uncomfortable or socially inappropriate – because they are a part of your psyche, a part of your neural network, a part of your socialization, and a part of your humanity. Emotions aren’t the enemy, but they have come […]