The Ratio

Researchers love their numbers and when it comes to positivity, there golden ratio is 3-to-1. This means that for every heart-wrenching negative emotional experience you endure, you aim to experience at least three heartfelt positive emotional experiences that uplift you. The 3-to-1 ratio is the tipping point positive psychology researches predicted whether people languish or […]

Wisdom and Compassion as Traits

Positive emotions expand awareness and open minds. Although the expansion is as subtle and short-lived as the emotion itself, it accounts for increases in creativity, autobiographical memory, resilience, and social connection – to name a few. Over time, these momentary states of expanded awareness accumulate to build durable personal and social resources that reshape our […]

You’re So Emotional!

Emotions are necessary – even when they’re uncomfortable or socially inappropriate – because they are a part of your psyche, a part of your neural network, a part of your socialization, and a part of your humanity. Emotions aren’t the enemy, but they have come to be vilified because empathic awareness is so unusual. It’s […]