Filling the Reservoir

Among our birthrights as human beings is the experience of joy. It comes in many forms and reigns whenever positive emotions like love, gratitude, serenity, interest, and inspiration open your heart. Think of the times you feel connected to and loved by others; when you feel playful, creative, or silly; when you feel blessed and […]

Is Sugar Addictive?

This will come as no surprise. Sugar is addictive. What may startle you is that according to a study by James Cook University refined sugar is more addictive than cocaine – one of the most addictive and harmful substances currently known. An astonishing 94% of the rats who were allowed to choose between sugar water and cocaine, […]

Love Is The Lesson

Ever feel like Cupid’s arrow has flown over your shoulder? When that feeling takes over, it’s easy to forget that we’re here to love.  But if we can make the conscious decision to choose love we re-open to compassion and warmheartedness, both with people who are easy to love and those who challenge us. Since […]