Month: June 2014

“Fed Up”

[Spoiler Alert: This is a rant against sugar based on the doc “Fed Up.”] Watching the documentary “Fed Up” got me fired up about sugar – again. Even if you’re a health food junkie, “Fed Up” will change your views of why we are getting […]


Did you know about the importance of magnesium? This little mineral is used by every organ in the body. Inadequate intakes have been linked to various forms of depression as well as PMS. Magnesium levels can also be lowered by prolonged stress, heavy menstrual periods, […]

Parenting and Self-Regulation

Parenting is a tough job. We all want to be inspired, but that can be tall order in our fast-paced world. Human beings simply weren’t designed to handle the amount of stress we face in modern life. Sometimes we’re so bogged down by our emotions […]