Parenting and Self-Regulation

Parenting and Self-Regulation

Parenting is a tough job. We all want to be inspired, but that can be tall order in our fast-paced world. Human beings simply weren’t designed to handle the amount of stress we face in modern life.

Sometimes we’re so bogged down by our emotions and pressures that we snap at the slightest mishap. The issue, of course, is never actually between a parent and child. That unpleasant exchange is just a causality of the war waging within.

Giving our children (and partner) the best of ourselves requires that we do inner work. By healing our own wounds, we deepen contact with our true self – which, in turn, creates a deeper connection to our kids (and others).

The next time you feel like you’re going to “snap,” give yourself a time-out. Breathe deeply and ask yourself what matters most. Remember, you’re the adult. Your kid is acting like a child because they are one!

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  • Thank you for your post. I found this article which offers a critique of Love & Logic which resonates with me:

    “So in my view, Love and Logic doesn’t support parents to help the child develop emotional intelligence or manage his own emotions. Instead, the focus is on “teaching lessons” with “consequences” which are mostly punishments, supposedly delivered with kindness instead of anger.”

  • Thanks, John! I’m a big fan of Dr. Laura Markham. Her wisdom is in teaching parents how to lead with empathy. I look forward to reading the article. Thank you so much for attaching it.

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