Month: August 2014

Do What You Love (at least an hour a day!)

Postponing what you deeply want to do is a subtle form of avoidance. What if what I want is a fantasy? What if I lack creative discipline? What if I don’t know my heart’s desire? There will never be a perfect time. Now is all […]

Made For Love

Love is a product of human evolution and an integral part of our survival. This body of ours is a tremendous gift and great intelligence. From birth, our bodies knew how to seek out love and to gain pleasure and sustenance from it. The primary […]

Emotional Investments

John Gottman, the leading expert on marriage, tells couples they can bank their shared positive emotions to help them later during tough times. He discovered that couples who experience higher ratios of positive to negative emotions are better able to defuse the emotional bombs that […]

Hearty Gazpacho

Hearty Gazpacho

  Say hello to your taste buds! This is the perfect soup for all those tangy, ripe tomatoes overflowing in the garden. It’s a hearty meal that won’t leave you heavy on a warm summer night. Smoked salt brings out the medley of flavors, so […]

Food for Thought

I’m loving the intersection of science and psychotherapy. Did you know negative emotions narrow people’s perception, reflected by significantly reduced blood flow in a particular area of the brain called the parahippocampal? By contrast, positive emotions broaden and build perception. This data suggests what we […]

Fuel for Life

The basic gifts of nature – water, sunlight, rest, movement, healthy foods and air – are the fuel for life. Without having to read it on-line or in a book, our grandparents were intuitively connected to these wellness building resources. Unlike our elders, we can […]