Month: September 2014

Fear Is a False Barrier

Fear is a false barrier. It’s nothing but a gaping hole you step through. Life is about summoning the courage to take that step. It’s not easy to face our fears and anyone who sells you a shortcut to bliss is offering you an illusion. […]

Slowing Down to Chase the Light

The sun went into hiding this week and I joined it, by burying myself in work. Life was moving fast from under the pile. So when the sun broke through, I grabbed my camera and gladly followed. I’m walking around, looking for light. The house […]

Our Inherent Goodness

In a previous post (Cross-Cultural Spirituality), I wrote about a friend who sent me a copy of her rabbi’s Elul. It speaks eloquently to a personally belief of mine that carries over into my professional behavior. Namely, that we are born inherently good and that we heal […]

An Ugly Truth

My husband took a trip last week. Calling home he asked to switch over to the computer because we packed the wrong power chord for the phone. Between the two of us, I’m the more organized, neat and tidy which makes me the keeper of […]

Cross-Cultural Spirituality

My family was and is about as secular as they come. We celebrated the holidays, but make no mistake, Easter was about the bunny and Christmas the booty. Thankfully, I had an ace up my sleeve growing up. My best friend was Jewish. Over the […]

Being Vs. Doing Mode

It’s easy to get caught up in the small, endless tasks of daily life. The ability to zero in and accomplish projects is both a human strength and weakness. On the one hand we get things done, while on the other we can turn ourselves […]

Sweet Surrender

Have you ever watched a leaf fall from a tree? I mean, really watch it. Here in the northwest, summer fades into fall slow and steady. The seasons take turns leading, waltzing around each other like old friends. It starts with a giant oak leaf […]

Our Deepest Purpose

Visualize a circle on a piece of paper with you at the center. How many actions in your life orbit within the circle of your being? If you are like most, it’ll look like a constellation of stars across a midnight sky. When in your […]

Connect With Others

Flourishing is not a solo endeavor. Nobody reaches their full potential in isolation. Every person who flourishes has warm and trusting relationships with other people – whether it’s a spouse, lover, close friend, family member or all of the above. Comparatively, people who flourish spend […]

Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder

Mmm-mmm, it’s corn chowder season! This bright and beautiful soup comes together lickety-split and is creamy and delicious without a drop of dairy. As a bonus, yellow corn is a good source of vitamin B, magnesium and thiamin, and carotenoids. So pull up a chair and […]