Month: October 2014

Speed of Life

The Slow Food movement began as an alternative to fast-food. It was a call for local ingredients, thoughtfully prepared and eaten with pleasure. Based on this wisdom, I’m advocating we start a Slow Life movement where the quality of life is determined by the depth […]

The Age of Distraction

  Here is the link to an article I wrote on parenting in the age of distraction. Hint: it’s all about emotional regulation.

Connecting for Survival

We come into this world with a need for belonging and depend upon each other emotionally to survive. Loneliness is intolerable and can only be endured if we deny voice to our feelings. But when we cut off access to our emotions, we systematically and […]

The L-Word

Most folks get the concept of positive resonance, but are hesitate to call that spark of connection love. People feel more at ease reserving this powerful word to describe more intimate or exclusive relationships. The scientific understanding of love and its many benefits offers a […]