The Power of Love

While falling in love is an experience we all cherish, it doesn’t do the heavy lifting in life. The maintenance of love requires many repeated gifts of tolerance, compassion and generosity. Giving daily in small ways makes us healthier and happier. It’s also associated with reduced risk of illness and lower rates of depression. Best […]

Naked Light of Reality

In the best of all possible worlds, we pursue our desires while living in accord with values that give meaning to our lives. Sometimes we make the mark, sometimes we don’t. The trick to doing it “right” is to forgive ourselves (and others) for being the inevitably flawed humans that we are. Being human, we […]

Rewiring Joy

Thanks to neuroscience, we now know the brain/nervous system is capable of change. That means with enough effort, skill and time a person can do a lot to overcome the effects of painful experiences. The catch is that the survival lessons of our ancestors required they be good at learning from bad experiences. This skill […]