Ditch the Micro!

Ditch the Micro!

My husband is a trooper. A few months after we met, I house sit while he was way. During that time I planted a garden, hid his stockpile of soda and put his microwave in solitary confinement. My tactics could have been softer, but the intention was pure.

Hiding the sugar is obvious, but why the microwave? Because they knock the nutritional sense out of food.

There will always be loss when heating foods. That’s the nature of cooking. The problem with microwaves is that they “cook” food with electromagnetic waves that vibrate molecules up to 2.5 billion times per second.

Once the structural integrity of food is altered, it no longer performs the desired function in your body. Now I’m all about sexy, “high-vibrational” food. I just prefer it unadulterated.

With gentle awareness, notice how often you use the microwave. As an experiment, once a week, take the slower route and savor the process of preparing wholesome food. Your mind and body will thank you. My hubby eventually did.

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