Our Innate Wisdom

Each of us was born with the perfected wisdom of the awakened mind. We ate when hungry, slept when tired and laughed when playful. By the same miracle that we forget the memories of birth, do we gradually forget the truth of our being. In forgetting who we are, we must endure the struggle to […]

Gratitude = Connection

Gratitude defies a simple definition. It can be experienced as an emotion or a state of being. It can inspire us to act with compassion or align us to something greater than ourselves. Yet throughout all these definitions, there is an underlying theme. Connection. Gratitude arises from our connections to each other, to nature, and […]

The Struggle

My niece asked me in earnest how I went about things before the internet. For me, it was a coupling of ignorance and need. As a result I was fearless at times and this carried over into other endeavors, opening doors otherwise shut by fear. I asked if she ever felt overwhelmed by the amount […]

Teachable Moments

When it comes to behavioral learning, the heat of a moment is not a teachable one. Especially with kids. Your child’s already limited executive functioning isn’t on-line. He’ll be able to learn after everyone has calmed down and you’ll be able to teach a lot better. Besides, no one wants to apologize on the battlefield […]

Tame the Crave

Ever notice that stressed spelled backwards is desserts? Coincidence or not, many of us turn to sweets as a means for self-soothing. Unfortunately, the relief is temporary and invariably causes more trouble down the road. Here are some helpful ways to tame the crave the next time you want something sweet to eat: Pause and […]