Sugar Wise

Sugar Wise

Mind and body join together in healing. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad I’m a (recovering) sugar junkie. I’m lucky that the bane and pleasure of my existence was (and may always be) sugar. Where it not, I would have never discovered what a crucial role it plays in well-being.

Up until this moment, I viewed sugar as my lover and nemesis, torturer and savior but never my teacher. Yet here I am learning more about myself and health than all my cumulative years of study.

The story of sugar reads like great pulp fiction. There’s intrigue and seduction, sweet lies and heart-breaking betrayal. Because the story is intricately linked to holistic health, I’ll be devoting the next few months to exploring it from variety perspectives including political, historical, biological and psychological.

2 thoughts on “Sugar Wise”

  • I love this project! I love the multifaceted approach. Excited to hear what you learn from the social and political research.

  • Thank you, Dr. Laura! I appreciate your excitement. It’s been a bit mind-blowing how such a seemingly innocuous subject effects every aspect of our lives.

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