The Power of Play

What is play? A classic definition is to engage in recreation or amusement that relaxes or refreshes the body and mind. With one small caveat, it must come from the heart. We need play because life is serious. It helps create balance and is different than just having fun. In play, we lose ourselves. We […]

Ghost Busting

Leave it to the sensational Esther Perel to nail the climate of modern love. At a conference speaking to 2,500 millennials, she outlined methods of rejection that are currently in vogue. Surprisingly, her arching definition perfectly describes what also happens in long-term married couples. “These tactics of maintaining unclear relationships and prolonging break-ups all produce what […]

Fresh Fruit Parfait

When I taught living foods at the Tree of Life, my mantra to students was ‘It’s always edible.’ That’s beauty of a plant-based foods. It’s hard to ruin wholesome foods. This recipe is a classic example. I was trying to make snack bars but they wouldn’t stick together. No problem! It’s now a crumble. Just […]

Self Talk

I’m going to take you on a brief journey into the heart of Being. As a therapist, one of my favorite roles is to remind people of their largeness – which I define as living a Self-led life. When describing the qualities of Self, it’s not unusual for clients to look at me quizzically. Recently someone […]