Tea Ritual

Tea Ritual

This morning was daylight savings Sunday and I woke unusually early. I could hear the small pattering of rain leftover from the night. I headed for the kitchen and heated some water.

Every morning, I spend a few minutes sitting quietly with a cup of tea. For the last ten years or so, I’ve spent it staring through the large picture window that faces my garden.

For these precious minutes, I allow my mind to be free. No ruminating, no criticisms, no judgements. Just sit and notice. Sometimes it’s how the light has changed or how the birds are extra chirpy. This morning it was the darkness.

My ritual has become a kind of morning meditation. So often we limit ourselves from receiving simple nourishment because it doesn’t fit the image of how we are “suppose” to get it.

For those of you with busy schedules who hit the grounding running every morning, I cannot recommend this tea ritual enough. The rules are simple: sit, sip and see.

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