Dream Work

Dream Work

Dreams come to us in the service of health, healing and wholeness. Our job is to decipher their hidden and veiled meanings so that we can use their energy in our lives. Unpacking our dreams allows us to access our creativity, our healing, our connections with self, and our experience of the numinous.

Dreams come to tell us something that we don’t already know. Working with others helps us to get past the surface meanings of our own limited understanding to a deeper and fuller knowledge of the gifts and connections the dream is bringing to our own life, and possibly the lives of others.

As a psychotherapist I’ve witnessed how powerful listening to one’s dream life can be. Dreams help us find our way back home by showing us aspects of ourselves hidden from view. Learning to listen is a skill that everyone can benefit from.

Welcoming all parts of ourselves is what makes us whole. In this way, dreams are our internal navigational system that checks our course in life and offers us options for recalibration.

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