Dream Work

Dream Work

Dreams come to us in service of health, healing and wholeness. Our job is to decipher their meaning and message so we can use their energy in our lives. Unpacking our dreams allows us to access our inner creativity and spiritual wisdom.

Dreams are embodied. They seem so real to the dreamer,often engaging all of our senses. This felt experience is what brings us in touch with the magical quality of dreaming. In their “realness,” a dream can bring a broader perspective, a new way of seeing, a shift from ordinary consciousness, or habitual ideas, as well as a step toward change.

This richly detailed world that is experienced as real and is what makes dreams so compelling, as well as a useful tool for stepping out of our ordinary perspective.

As a psychotherapist, I’ve witnessed how powerful listening to one’s dream life can be. They help us find our way back home by showing us hidden aspects of ourselves.

Welcoming all parts of ourselves is what makes us whole. In this way, dreams are our internal navigational system that checks our course in life and offers us options for recalibration.

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