Therapy Packages

Art of Living

Not sure where to begin? The Art of Living series is a good place. These packages are an affordable and intentional way to start therapy. Each self-study guidebook is loaded with motivational articles, inspiring exercises and thought-provoking ideas. The exercises are practical and easy, specifically designed to help further your journey. The art is in using the tools to align with your best self. That’s where I come in to help.

Each Art of Living package comes with a comprehensive guidebook and three therapy sessions. I’ve put together a sample of the material that you can download for FREE. How you go about using the guidebooks is up to you. One way is to find a few exercises that resonate or scare you – two signs that an area is worth exploring – and go from there.

This is your journey. The guidebooks are your launch pad. You can follow them as written or design your own version. The point is to make them relevant to you. In session, we will deepen the work for lasting change. Alternately, you can use the therapy sessions as you like and work through the guidebooks at your own pace, independently, on your own.


The Art of True Belonging

Life is the accumulation of layers that can weigh us down over time. This module is for you if you’re ready to break free of old roles and write a new narrative in your life.


The Art of Transformation

Over time, it’s easy to slip into ways of being that are no longer serving you. Maybe you’re not eating as well as you want, or feel you’ve lost touch with how to self-nurture. This module will help you realign with wellness.


The Art of Womanhood

Only when we connect with our true nature and respect the strength of our essential selves – without compromise or apology – will women truly step into empowerment. This guidebook is about owning, celebrating and bringing forth the essence of who you are: vibrant, joyful and sensual.


The Art of Parenting

Coming soon!