The Sacred Start

Our understanding of love has been hijacked and beguiled by its first distracting moving moments. We have allowed our love stories to end way too early. We seem to know far too much about how love starts, and recklessly little about how it might continue. p 15 Love means admiration for qualities in the lover that promise to […]

The Power of Play

What is play? A classic definition is to engage in recreation or amusement that relaxes or refreshes the body and mind. With one small caveat, it must come from the heart. We need play because life is serious. It helps create balance and is different than just having fun. In play, we lose ourselves. We […]

The Power of Love

While falling in love is an experience we all cherish, it doesn’t do the heavy lifting in life. The maintenance of love requires many repeated gifts of tolerance, compassion and generosity. Giving daily in small ways makes us healthier and happier. It’s also associated with reduced risk of illness and lower rates of depression. Best […]

Gratitude: The Perfect Gift

“Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone.”  – Gertrude Stein There is now evidence that when we share our gratitude – whether in words, kindness, or gifts – we nurture our relationships. Expressing appreciation brings people closer together, strengthening the ties that bind. Of course, we didn’t science to tell us. This wisdom is in […]

Prevailing Winds

“You are made in the image of what you desire.” – Thomas Merton A single gust of wind won’t alter the shape of a tree. Yet when you see a patch of the trees all leaning to the west, the lasting effects of the prevailing winds are undeniable. Although a single intention may seem fleeting, […]

The L-Word

Most folks get the concept of positive resonance, but are hesitate to call that spark of connection love. People feel more at ease reserving this powerful word to describe more intimate or exclusive relationships. The scientific understanding of love and its many benefits offers a fresh lens to see the world. Ordinary exchanges with everyday […]

Made For Love

Love is a product of human evolution and an integral part of our survival. This body of ours is a tremendous gift and great intelligence. From birth, our bodies knew how to seek out love and to gain pleasure and sustenance from it. The primary language of the body is touch. Yet, “civilized” culture tempts […]