Teachable Moments

When it comes to behavioral learning, the heat of a moment is not a teachable one. Especially with kids. Your child’s already limited executive functioning isn’t on-line. He’ll be able to learn after everyone has calmed down and you’ll be able to teach a lot better. Besides, no one wants to apologize on the battlefield […]

Sweet Surrender

Have you ever watched a leaf fall from a tree? I mean, really watch it. Here in the northwest, summer fades into fall slow and steady. The seasons take turns leading, waltzing around each other like old friends. It starts with a giant oak leaf in sweet descent, still green and as wide as my […]

Emotional Regulation

Most of us learned as children that our negative feelings were in some way unacceptable, or even dangerous. As a result, when our own child has a meltdown our inner child gets triggered. We feel a sense of panic and react with fight, flight or freeze. It’s the very same panic that caused our own […]

Parenting and Self-Regulation

Parenting is a tough job. We all want to be inspired, but that can be tall order in our fast-paced world. Human beings simply weren’t designed to handle the amount of stress we face in modern life. Sometimes we’re so bogged down by our emotions and pressures that we snap at the slightest mishap. The […]

Calm Voice

Kids are small. Imagine the emotional impact of someone twice your size yelling at you on the regular? Maya Angelou captured it when she said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Children learn more about their […]