Mindful Parenting

Studies confirm that parents who respond with warm attunement, set appropriate limits and coach emotions, raise terrific kids. Simple, right? Not so fast! The hard part is pulling this off when every button you have is being pushed. That’s the real work of parenting. As […]

Modern Parenting

Ever notice that parenting is a job we are expected to master without training? Because so many of us don’t start with the tools we need, it can often feel like all work and no play. When that is the case, it doesn’t take long […]

Culture of Shame

My family recently had dinner at a casual place where you order and grab a seat. While waiting in line, our son started playing with the kid in front. They bonded immediately in a superhero battle and while finding a table, he insisted we sit […]

“Floor Time”

Back in grad school I was surprised to learn that a component of “good-enough” parenting involved spending 20 minutes of floor time a day with kids. It sounded like such a small amount. Now, as a working mom, I’m grateful for it. “Floor time” is […]

Attachment Theory (In a Nutshell)

Attachment is the deep, lasting bond between a child and caregiver. The nature of the attachment bond, established from the beginning of life, has far-reaching implications for the developing individual over the whole life span. Attachment experience influences thinking patterns, physical growth, emotional capacity, life […]

Attachment Style

As a child the feeling of safety counteracts fear. If there is no feeling of safety, anxiety, the mother of all emotional pain, takes hold. Anxiety is rooted in the feeling of being alone in the face of danger. Because the feeling is unbearable, defenses […]