Fill ‘er Up

Brené Brown consistently delivers whole-hearted, thought-provoking material. The woman in on fire. Here she interviews Oprah Winfrey in classic researcher style, asking pointed questions on tender subjects. On the topic of shame, Oprah shared how she learned to overcome the diminishing question “Who do you think you are?” Instead of shrinking from self-judgment and aligning with the critic, […]

Teachable Moments

When it comes to behavioral learning, the heat of a moment is not a teachable one. Especially with kids. Your child’s already limited executive functioning isn’t on-line. He’ll be able to learn after everyone has calmed down and you’ll be able to teach a lot better. Besides, no one wants to apologize on the battlefield […]

Rewiring Joy

Thanks to neuroscience, we now know the brain/nervous system is capable of change. That means with enough effort, skill and time a person can do a lot to overcome the effects of painful experiences. The catch is that the survival lessons of our ancestors required they be good at learning from bad experiences. This skill […]

An Ugly Truth

My husband took a trip last week. Calling home he asked to switch over to the computer because we packed the wrong power chord for the phone. Between the two of us, I’m the more organized, neat and tidy which makes me the keeper of important little things like power chords. That means it wasn’t […]

The Blame Game

In the world of intimate relationships, it’s human nature to want to change your partner. The truth is, you can’t change your partner any more than they can change you. You can influence each other, but the more you believe your partner should be different, the less likely you’ll take ownership of your own “contribution.” […]