Our Inherent Goodness

Our Inherent Goodness

A friend sent me a copy of her rabbi’s Elul. It speaks eloquently to a personal belief of mine that carries over professionally. Namely, that we are born inherently good and that we heal by connecting with others.  Elul 10/September 5 “Sometimes, we stray from […]

Cross-Cultural Spirituality

My family is about as secular as they come. We celebrated the holidays, but Easter was about the bunny and Christmas about the booty. Thankfully, I had an ace up my sleeve growing up. My best friend was Jewish. Over the many decades of our […]

Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness

As odd as it may sound, we truly can’t love others unless we first love ourselves. It’s a bit like math. The depth to which we connect with others correlates to the degree to which we love our selves. And the greatest obstacle to self-love […]

Sitting With Pain

Pain is full of information about what is wrong and what is needed. Staying with pain can be a powerful tool. By alleviating it too quickly, the chance to study the underlying core beliefs is lost and old patterns go unchanged. All of us avoid […]

Our Appointment

More wisdom from James Hollis: “Finding a mature spirituality will only occur when we internalize the fact that our egos are only a small part of a larger mystery…. We are called to ask serious, more courageous questions of ourselves, for without these probing questions, […]

Shame: The Alienating Affect

Shame is something we all experience.  The struggle to feel accepted and worthy is unrelenting. The most effect way to overcome these feelings of inadequacy is to break the silence and share our experiences. I welcome your comments as we explore the many facets of shame […]