Couples Counseling

Being in an intimate relationship can be one of the most deeply rewarding and fulfilling experiences that life can offer. But when faced with relationship challenges, you and your partner may experience more pain and frustration than joy and closeness.

Not knowing how to handle these types of challenges is not only deeply frustrating, but can also intensify and prolong your relationship problems. If you are like many couples, your relationship problems stem from not knowing what does and does not work to support a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

You know how painful it can be when you and your partner are experiencing:

  • Fights, arguments, and power struggles
  • Emotional distance and coldness
  • Lack of intimacy and affection
  • Lack of appreciation for each other
  • Blaming and defensiveness
  • Issues around trust, infidelity and betrayal

The impact of early attachment relationships effects our sense of self. But the need to attach does not end in childhood. Healthy relational attachments are a basic human need. We continue to need others throughout all our stages of life and can experience “attachment injuries” at any point.

Couples counseling allows you and your partner to compassionately examine the soft spots in your relationship, areas where you each feel misunderstood, unheard and unloved.

Imagine what your relationship would be like if you and your partner experienced:

  • Deeply meaningful and enjoyable interactions
  • More intimacy, affection, and sexuality
  • Increased trust and acceptance for each other
  • Healthy and effective communication
  • Greater attentiveness toward each other
  • A healthy balance of independence and connection

Couples counseling provides a safe environment to explore the challenges that you and your partner face. It can be a very empowering process that gives you and your partner a sense of command over your relationship and brings back the enjoyment that initially brought you together.

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