Wellness Counseling

Physical and emotional wellness is influenced by several areas of life. Together we will explore the five factors of well-being that make for a balanced and healthy life.

In our work together you will learn how to:

  • Make conscious decisions to shape healthy lifestyles
  • Develop a personalized program for optimal living
  • Understand that wellness is the integration of mind, body and spirit
  • Become a proactive participant in your health
  • Understand what motivates your current lifestyle
  • Focus your energy wisely
  • Develop a lifestyle that is practical and suited to your life
  • Learn how to control negative thoughts and emotions
  • Create a sense of connection and meaning in your life

This work is solution focused. Sometimes barriers to present and future goals have their roots in the past. Deeper work may be necessary to unlock and release the energy. We will acknowledge the past, gain a fresh perspective on it, then form wellness goals which will help lead you to a more positive and fulfilled life.

As a wellness counselor, I’m there with you on your journey using my knowledge and expertise to help guide you. In reflecting back that understanding, you will develop awareness of own process of wellness.

This allows you to fully experience and express yourself and authentically move within your process. My role is that of an experienced facilitator or guide, helping you to clarify and connect with your natural intuition of what feels right.

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