Why Be Embodied?

Why Be Embodied?

Somatic Psychotherapy

Mindful Embodied Therapy understands that there is no separating mind and body. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires, longings, aches and pains all occur within a meticulously crafted masterpiece: the human. Keeping the energy flowing within the various systems of the body is an integral part of health. Practices like Yin Yoga, qigong and acupuncture all help to move energy.

Releasing blocks in one area, opens possibilities in others. It’s all connected. Like a mobile in a baby room, when activated, healing energy ripples across all aspects of being. That hasn’t changed for thousands of years. What has changed is the way we relate to each other and, consequently, ourselves.

The secret to Mindful Embodied Therapy is how it releases a cascade of a positive chain reaction. You learn to have compassion and gratitude for you body. Even clients initially hesitant to yoga recognize the positive physical and emotional changes achieved through this therapeutic practice.

Unplug to Connect 

Technology has altered the way we experience life – the pace of which has quickened dramatically. We live in a state of constant stimulation. Our minds love it, but it’s at a cost. More and more people are burnout, overwhelmed and suffering from “compassion fatigue.” We’re not wired to be on all the time. As Anne Lamott says, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

When we slow down and experience ourselves differently, new resources and strengths emerges. Life becomes more easeful and you find that solving problems isn’t as important as feeling empowered to be who you truly are.

Flow to Get Unstuck

Emotional pain can be difficult to overcome because it literally gets “stuck.” These thoughts, feelings, and beliefs become the personal truths we live by without knowing it. Mindful Embodied Therapy is ultimately a journey of self-discovery.  By leaning into the edge of your comfort zone, you help shift the energy.

Our bodies are tremendously underutilized resources for learning and changing in life. Mindful Embodied Therapy helps people notice habitual ways they hold tension while finding new ways to be in their body. This style of therapy is not strenuous, nor is it easy. It’s a steady practice that increases circulation, enhances flexibility, prolongs longevity, builds muscle and improves overall health.


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