Why holistic well-being?
Because I work with the whole person. The health of our bodies does not exist separate from our emotional well-being, cultural programming and spiritual outlook. We all get a little off track now and again. My job is to steer you back into alignment. Maybe you’re not eating as well as you want or your life feels lackluster. As your guide, I’ll help you get in touch with matters most. 

What happens in a session?
Whether you’re wanting better habits, improved self-care, deeper personal relationships, or greater alignment with your personal values, the work is the same. Together we locate what you really want. which services are needed and then set a course for action. The biggest surprise for clients is realizing that that I’m not here to give advice. Instead, powerful questions are asked to stimulate thoughtful examination about what you really want in life.

What can I work on?
The answer is, “Just about anything!” Increased performance, discovering your destiny, getting organized, regular exercise, slowing down, turning a dream into reality—you only need to answer the question, “What do I want?” You’ve made it this. You know you are a strong and capable adult. You’ve had a pretty good life but your beginning to wonder if there is another way to life it. My role is to help you honestly look at what you want and help you align with it.

Do I have to purchase a package?
Nope. You can pay per session if that’s your heart’s desire. The packages are created for those wanting a boost toward change in a specific area of life and they are a better deal. When you hire me as a your coach, you’ll get the same dedication, commitment and tools no matter which route you go.

Can I bill insurance?
I will gladly provide you with a monthly receipt. You pay upfront for therapeutic services and seek re-imbursement through your insurance provider.