Individual Therapy

When life is not going well, it can feel lonely, depressing, and unsatisfying. If life is feeling like more than you can handle, therapy can be the key for creating change. I can help you facilitate change by turning feelings of overwhelm and fear into personal growth.

One of the main reasons that emotional pain can be so difficult to overcome is because the memory of a traumatic experience can be get “stuck” deep in your brain and nervous system. Even well after a traumatic event has ended, the experience can remain alive and active, creating painful symptoms that are highly sensitive to getting “triggered”.

As a result beliefs about the world go unchallenged into adulthood. Thoughts, feelings, and perceptions formed in childhood become the givens of existence, forming the core of one’s sense of self.

Perhaps you’ve tried to avoid your pain through overworking, losing yourself in relationships, alcohol, or drug abuse. Maybe you’ve done talk therapy or used prescription drugs, but only experienced partial or no relief, leaving you even more discouraged.

Some of common patterns and behaviors include:

  • Isolating or withdrawing when upset
  • Feeling sexually inhibited or promiscuous
  • Getting jealous easily
  • Being hostile or argumentative

The goal of therapy is to enable you to experience your feelings fully and manage them intelligently.

You can begin to:

  • Feel comfortable setting healthy boundaries
  • Enjoy intimacy and full expression of feeling
  • Be more assertive and discerning
  • Let go of worries of abandonment and rejection
  • Be less critical and angry

When we slow down and finally face ourselves, amazing things happen. Hidden energy surges forth, life becomes alive again, and we find that solving problems isn’t as important as feeling empowered to be who we truly are.

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