Optimal Health

Increase Ease and Flow

I’m a licensed psychotherapist and certified Plant-Based nutritionist. Additionally, I’m trained in Yin Yoga and medicinal herbs. I’ve been supporting people on their healing journeys since 1998. Embodied Psychotherapy is style of therapy I created based on my scope of practice that combines Eastern wisdom and Western psychotherapy. The focus of the work is taking your health to the next level.

Plant Based Medicine

Before venturing into mental health, I was a raw foods chef and taught people how to prepare clean, plant-based meals. While in the kitchen, guest would regularly stop by for a cup of tea and heartfelt talk. The mind/body connection was undeniable. Heart and mind, body and soul – one impacts the other

Food is part of a trilogy of well-being, which includes movement and stillness. The more we live in harmony with nature, the greater our health. Based on my clinical training as a therapist and experience as a master gardener and herbalist, I have a deep understanding of the connection between mental health and earth-based wisdom.

My passion is aligning people with their inner calm and knowing. I help people creating a more balanced lifestyle that brings out their best selves. I have ten years experience as a body-centered psychotherapist with specialization in stress reduction, emotional resilience, and mindfulness practices.