About Kerry

Individual and Couples Therapist

I’m an individual and couples therapist in Portland, Oregon. I help people gain clarity and purpose. In our work, you will see your life from a fresh view. In addition to working with couples and individuals, I help people shift energy through alternative healing.

My style is informed by 20 years of experience. In addition to my clinical training, I’m a writerplant-based chef, yin yoga instructor, master gardener and photographer. My range of experience allows me to tailor therapy to your needs. It also lends flexibility and creativity to the work.

I am inspired by innate wisdom of nature. and cultivates tinctures made with wild plants for medicinal healing. She specializes in healing wounded healers, and works almost exclusively with folks in helping professions, or those interested in developing their capacity for healing work.

Most importantly, I view living as an art form. The more aligned we are with what works, the better we feel. What that means will be different for everyone, but the feeling is similar. Life is more easeful and less stressful.  You feel good in your body and can trust yourself to make good-enough decisions, most of the time.


Mindfulness Therapy

To begin, I lean towards mindfulness. Which requires present moment awareness. Mindfulness allows us to slow down. When we do, new solutions can emerge. Additionally, I’m trained in a variety of somatic techniques that link mind and body. Specifically, Hakomi, Internal Family Systems, and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. In a similar way, the body is used for awareness. For example, I may ask you to notice how your breathing. We stay curious without judgment and just notice. In the end, we find that solving problems isn’t as important as feeling empowered to be who we truly are.


Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy uncovers the patterns driving our behavior. Its goal is to understand how behavior and mood are influenced by thoughts and feelings. We do this by increasing awareness and exploring the past. this includes take a look at early life experiences. Relationships are an important piece of a psychodynamic approach, which includes you and I. Exploring relationships provides you with a perspective that is rich with possibility. New roles and ways of being emerge. This breaks patterns that are no longer serving you and lays the groundwork for new ways of being.


Cognitive Therapy

The stories we tell ourselves matter. People usually attribute their distress to difficult situations, but in reality, it is our reactions to situations. I use powerful questions to get you in touch with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. But also to help you accurately tell your story.  According to cognitive theory, emotions follow thoughts. It is never the other way around. If you want to feel and behave differently, a place to start is with your perception. I use cognitive therapy to help you update and more accurately tell your story. The more balanced our thinking, generally the better we feel. You’re the author. It’s your life. You get to right the ending.