Parent Coaching

Practical Parenting

Modern parenting is the only job we are expected to master without training. That’s a crazy-making set up for stress and discontent. Know that you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the rewarding yet monumental task of modern parenting.

As a parent and professional, I understand the challenges and rewards involved in creating and sustaining family bonds. My role is to coach, cheer lead and support your best parenting self. My specialty is helping you navigate and turn around behavior in your child that is disrupting the heartfelt connection you feel deep inside.


Effective Problem Solving

Most of the serious problems children exhibit stem from an inability to problem solve. You didn’t do anything wrong and your child is not a bad kid. Parenting is the toughest job you’ll ever do. Even if there was a guidebook on how to do it “right,” the rules change from generation to generation.

Struggling with a child’s behavior can feel isolating, frustrating and embarrassing for parents. Those days are over. I am here to help empower you to become more effective at teaching your child the problem-solving skills the need in order to live compassionate, meaningful, happy lives.


Exploration & Education

Parent coaching is information based. I am not the expert on your child. You are. My role is to provide you with information to better understand your child’s behavior so you can make more informed choices. Instead of giving advice, I’ll ask you thoughtful questions that will help you find solutions from within.

My approach to parent coaching is based in common sense and accountability. It’s informed by love and healthy boundaries. My specialty is helping parents coach their children how to turn around disrespectful and obnoxious behavior. I also help parents navigate the use of technology, forge stronger relational bonds and co-parent during separation and divorce.