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I’m certified in Plant-Based Nutrition. Before venturing into mental health, I was a raw foods chef. At the wellness facility, I taught people how to prepare clean, healing food with few ingredients. While in the kitchen, guest would regularly stop by for a cup of tea and heartfelt talk. The mind/body connection was undeniable. Heart and mind, body and soul – one impacts the other.

I developed a passion for food early in life though it took decades for me to put it to use. That’s because change is hard. I know first hand what it’s like to have the information and intention, but still fall short in application. Here is where my knowledge as a mental health practitioner comes in handy to help you.

Creating healthy habits is challenging. Even for Portlanders, who have it good when it comes to food. In 2018 the city was ranked the #1 Best Foodie City in America. We have a thriving Farmer’s Market culture with locations around the city and many neighborhood co-ops. Portlanders also care about their health and are ranked the 4th most-active metro area in the country. Still, for many, cooking from scratch is daunting.

I will show how to streamline your kitchen, teach you the importance of batch cooking and how to create continuity in cooking. Once these simple tweaks are put into place, cooking is as easy as one, two, three.


Food is Medicine

The best reason to learn simple, easy-to-prepare foods is to gain control over what goes inside your body. Restaurant and prepared food is tasty for a reason. It tends to be loaded with salt, fat and sugar. Proactive health begins in the kitchen with wholesome, pure ingredients.

Food is part of a trilogy of well-being, which includes movement and stillness. The more we live in harmony with nature, the greater our health. Based on my clinical training as a therapist, I have a deep understanding of the connection between mental health and nutrition. The stomach actually considered our “second brain.” That “gut feeling” we get is due to more than 100 million neurons located in the belly, emotionally out ranking the spinal cord and the nervous system by a mile.

Or consider these alarming statistics:

  • The majority of chronic disease in America is related to lifestyle and nutrition.
  • Diabetes has become a pandemic. 71% of the US population is obese. The term used to describe this is diabesity. But not all diabetics are obese. 40% are thin.
  • 35% of all cancers can be attributed to a poor diet. That number has been cited to be as high as 70%.
  • 90% of heart disease has been found to be preventable by reducing risk factors – primarily diet.
  • 80% of healthcare costs goes toward patients with at least one chronic disease that is preventable with lifestyle changes.

While there is no one diet for everyone, it’s safe to say we could all benefit from eating more whole foods. In the words of Michael Pollan, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” He’s talking about more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, while avoiding “edible food-like substances.”


Health Coaching

I offer private health coaching for people wanting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. The way I teach cooking is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline. The focus is on nutritional density versus deprivation. This isn’t a diet. Eating whole-plant foods is a lifestyle.

This is hands-on learning as well as education in the privacy of your own home. I bring together my culinary know-how, organization skills and nutritional training. Together we will come up with a game plan.

Need help streamlining your kitchen for easier work flow? I’ve spent years working in kitchens and will teach you simple, behind-the-scenes kitchen secrets. Looking to make a healthy dinner in less than 30 minutes? Let’s talk about batch cooking and the power of food prep. Don’t know where to begin? No problem. I’ll help you get clear on what matters and guide toward a new lifestyle.

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“Kerry’s brings her love and passion into making the healing, high-vibrational food. Her recipes embodies the full spectrum of the rainbow cuisine.”
Gabriel Cousens, M.D., founder of The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center


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