Exploring how kindness and appreciation flow back and forth in couples, Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D., examined how people habitually express appreciation to their partners. Turns out some people say “thanks” better than others. Whereas many people express their appreciation to others by highlighting the benefit they received – the gift, the favor, or the kind deed […]


Patanjali teaches that when you enter the stage of perfect wholeness, there is a calmness and a clarity that reflect prefect presence. The antidote to impatience is allowing yourself to reenter the flow of things, that is, to be in sync with the speed with which things are happening. Beneath the thought “I am wasting […]

Thank Your Partner

When it comes to healthy relationships, sometimes the simplist measure produces the greatest good. Remembering to thank your partner helps remind you (both) of the pleasant qualites he or she possesses. In a study of cohabitating couples, on days that one partner expressed more gratitude, the other felt more satisfied with the relationship. Gratitude has a way of injecting our […]

Count Your Blessings

Shifting away from negative emotional patterns can directly benefit your health, says practicing cardiologist Mimi Guarneri, M.D., medical director at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. Anger, for instance, floods the system with stress hormones that suppress the immune system, raise blood pressure, create arrhythmia, and even increase the risk of cancer. Changing your ways […]