If You Own One Thing in the World…

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Elizabeth Appell Almost everyone lives out of the misguided belief that they aren’t enough. Caught in the comparative mind, we judge ourselves against unrealistic ideals. What most don’t realize is that, […]


There’s a joke in yoga that asks, “If you had to hide something that was the most valuable thing you had, where would you hide it?” The answer is: “in the present moment.” Ouch. Very funny, yoga. We all know the best humor has more than a grain of truth in it. And the truth is, […]

My Body, My Friend

Just read a short article over lunch. The writer is a recovered bulimic who suffered with negative body image since a child. She talks about making peace with her body and spending some good one-on-one time together, as she would in getting acquainted with someone. In her final paragraph she says: “I was thinking nothing […]


This beautiful poem by Danna Faulds was read to me by a client in session. It’s a loving reminder of the universal suffering we all share. It’s enough to offer love, no matter how imperfectly received or given. It’s enough to try and fail at a difficult task; enough to fall and rise, stumble, fall […]


We all know negativity. It looms large and is easy to spot.  Negativity pervades your self-talk and your judgments. It bleeds into your relationships, eroding goodwill. Making matters worse, unchecked negativity breeds health damaging negative emotions – anger, contempt, and depression – that seep into your entire body. You can feel your simmering bitterness eating […]

Fuel for Anxiety, Part II

A while back I posted about the subtle ways we feed anxious thinking. Here are some of the most common anxiety-fueled thought patterns, plus some specific ways you can recognize and dispute them. If some of these sound familiar to you, put them in your mental tool kit so you can take them out when you need […]

Fuel for Anxiety

Cognitive psychologists have found that the process of identifying and disputing irrational thoughts is a very effective way to short-circuit the anxiety cycle so we can regain our equilibrium, think more clearly, and feel a lot better. So the next time you’re feeling anxious, walk yourself through these three steps. Remind yourself that anxiety naturally […]

Embrace Your Coping Style

Not everyone can put on a happy face.  Looking on the bright side isn’t possible for some people and is even counterproductive. Expecting others to deal in a way that doesn’t fit, just makes them feel like a failure on top of already feeling bad. The one size fits all approach to managing emotional life […]

Find Your Theme Song

Think of a favorite song, one that would lifts your spirit and encourages you in the face of the most denigrating self-talk. If it’s not already part of your music library, get it in there. Play that song several times over the course of a week. Each time you listen, pretend you’re installing a software upgrade into […]

Connect With The Kid In You

As a child, you were pure, wide-eyed and open to the world. Slowly, over time, you internalized both the positive and negative voices around you. As we get older, the negative voices echo the loudest. So your first step is to reconnect with the kid in you who felt confident early on. To do this, find […]