About Kerry

Hi. I’m Kerry. I’ve had a passion for well being all my life and believe each of us has the capacity to live our lives in a more meaningful way. This knowledge lies deep within us and can never be taken away. My approach is practical and down to earth. I pull from experience, training and intuition which allows for flow and flexibility. I also realize that therapy is ultimately about two people being as real as possible.

Because everyone is different, each therapy is uniquely tailored to your needs. As a writerplant-based chef, and photographer, I bring a lot of tools to the table which makes the work crafted and intentional. For that reason, my style is diverse. I lean toward mindfulness and will often include the body as a tool for awareness. I’m a fan of authenticity, believe in the power of asking good questions and know that we all benefit from periodically slowing down and looking within.

I see living as an art form. The more aligned we are with what works, the better we feel. What that means will be different for everyone, but the feeling is similar: life is more easeful and less stressful, you feel good in your body and can trust yourself to make good-enough decisions most of the time.

I bring the spark to help you ignite because seeing you become the most satisfied, complete version of yourself is what lights me up. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for visiting.



“Kerry has a warm, open welcoming presence and is a gifted therapist. I have participated in several trainings with her and know her work well. She is highly engaged with her clients, genuinely cares, and has the skill needed to help people heal and thrive. I feel highly confident referring to her.”
Jennifer Edlin, MFT, Faculty member of the AEDP Institute

“Kerry’s brings her love and passion into making the healing, high-vibrational food. Her recipes embodies the full spectrum of the rainbow cuisine.”
Gabriel Cousens, M.D., founder of The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center



“From the beginning, I sensed a remarkable amount of trust, compassion, and kindness which allowed me to express myself openly. I couldn’t have asked for a better or more transformative experience. The work was deep, creative and meaningful. ”
Alexi M., Portland, Oregon

“Caring. Empathic. Effective.”
Greg J., Portland, Oregon

“Kerry has offered me a consistent place of support through several of life’s transitions. Kerry is exceptionally kind and genuinely warm. She welcomes the whole of me, especially the parts of me that I have traditionally kept hidden. She has listened deeply to my stories and has offered me compassionate and intelligent insight when I haven’t been able to see the  forest because I’m stubbornly staring at a single tree. I have learned to be kinder to and more curious about myself because Kerry has modeled these ways of being with me. She also taught me practical ways to ground myself when I feel flooded by big emotions. In short, working with Kerry has been healing for me. I highly recommend her to you.”
Sophie M., Portland, Oregon