What Happens in a Session?

Our bodies and minds shift a bit each day. Personal goals and issues can also change from session to session. While no two sessions are exactly the same, Mindful Embodied Therapy often begins like talk therapy with a client sharing an event or emotional state that they’d like to process.

Rather than thinking and talking about that event, your therapist will guide you to notice the body sensations you are experiencing as you share. From there, you may practice a body based skill for emotion regulation and/or you may explore that body sensation further.

Some skills you might practice with your therapist are breath work, meditation, mantra, restorative yoga postures, or basic movement practices. When the work is more exploratory, your therapist will guide you to feel into your body sensations and be your own best investigator about what you notice. From there, you will process what you found, and you may go back in to explore more.

  • Breathing techniques to bring balance to the nervous system
  • Movement and body postures to learn to listen to your body and develop strength, flexibility, calm, and energy
  • Meditation, mantras and guided visualization to focus the mind, develop insight, rest the body, and build resources
  • Mindfulness and compassion techniques to improve your relationship to thoughts, feelings, and behavioral change
  • Lifestyle tools to deepen emotional regulation