Why Work This Way?

Mindful Embodied Therapy brings the yogic techniques of mindfulness, movement, breath, and meditation to support the health and healing of the whole person.  Clients practice finding balance and flexibility, both physically and mentally. They learn to accept and meet their body and mind while simultaneously challenging themselves to grow, change, and build strength.  This style of therapy releases tension, increases resilience and inner peace. 

Additional benefits include:

  1. A body-centered approach is a highly effective way to treat and heal trauma and usually works more quickly than traditional talk therapy.
  2. It’s more fun! Using the mind/body connection takes you into a physical realm usually not addressed in traditional therapies.
  3. Trauma is stored in the body. Therefore, a body-centered approach such as Mindful Embodied Therapy can directly get to the source and root of the trauma, mental health condition or addiction.
  4. The future of therapy is a mind/body approach. The mental health field is moving in this direction as more research is available from trauma and mental health experts bringing mindfulness practices into therapy rooms.

Yoga-based therapy is more clinical in nature and must be done by a licensed mental health professional. It is facilitated in a clinical setting and can be used to treat a variety of mental health issues, including trauma, depression, anxiety and self-esteem.