Why Yoga?

The practice of yoga helps us connect with the part of ourselves, the place within us that can never be damaged or taken away. Every glimpse of calm and clarity is a window into the essence of our true belonging. The more we practice, the more we connect with this base state of contentment.

When we are in full command of our physical, mental, and emotional capacities and in complete possession of our self, we begin to live fearlessly and to open to new experiences, new possibilities, and new challenges.

When we align with the ego and attach our identity, worth, and happiness to something that can be taken away through sickness, aging, or life circumstances, we set ourselves up for suffering. The only real freedom we can harness is to tether awareness to the part of us that never lies: our body.

The body knows. It stores every emotion, experience and sensation we’ve ever had. When we tap into this great intelligence, we connect with our truth. From this place, we listen and learn to make wiser more informed decisions.

It is in this tethering of awareness to the unchanging core of our being that true security can be gained. Through a dedicated yoga practice, we find that the only thing that is unchanging within is the radiantly alive and constantly vibrating pulse of life.

As our practice deepens, we start to feel a fierce commitment to real freedom. We develop a keen sense toward things that offer the trappings of freedom but fall short of delivering the goods. It can take many challenging years of practice to reach this place. Be patient. Layers of conditioning need to be peeled away. It is the definition of true belonging and what it means to be alive.

When we follow our spiritual impulse with discriminating awareness we find our way home. This homecoming is a slow journey, we have to walk alone. Others will join us along the way, but ultimately we are each responsible for finding our own path. The irony of the journey, is that we are walking toward what we already are. It is through the practice of yoga that the realization comes to life.