Why Be Embodied?

Why Be Embodied?

Why Be Embodied?

We’re Bodyful Beings, That’s Why!

The body isn’t a thing with a brain. It is our home, the keeper of our spirit and aliveness. Body-based therapy understand this and utilizes movement to discharge and harmonize stuck energy. While thinking engages the mind, moving unblocks tension. In this way, body and mind work together. That’s because movement is the language of the body. It’s how it identifies and remembers itself.

In Western culture, we are not encourage to listen within. Instead, we are lured into distraction where being disembodied is the norm. The downside of living mind-over-matter is that it cuts us off from our aliveness. When we lose our connection to the body we become spiritually homeless. Embodiment practices brings us back home.

Body-based Therapy

The word embodiment refers to our ability to consistently rest our care and attention on our immediate experience. Mindful Embodied Therapy understands that there is no separating mind from body. Our thoughts and feelings, aches and pains all occur within the same meticulously crafted masterpiece called the human being. The key to health, healing and longevity is to keep the energy flowing within our various systems.

Releasing blocks opens possibilities. It’s all connected. Like a mobile in a baby’s room, healing energy has a ripple effect. In this way, body-based therapy utilizes the body’s natural healing tendencies. The best part is that you feel it immediately and it builds over time. Even my more skeptical clients report the positive physical and emotional “magic” experienced through this style of therapy.

Unplug to Connect 

Technology has altered the way we experience life. Most of us live in a state of constant stimulation. While our minds love it, there is a cost. More and more people are burnout, overwhelmed and suffering from “compassion fatigue.” We’re not wired to be on all the time. As Anne Lamott says, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

When we slow down and experience ourselves differently, new resources and strengths emerges. Life becomes more easeful and you find that solving problems isn’t as important as feeling empowered to be who you truly are.

Somatic Stuckness

Emotional pain can be difficult to overcome through talking alone. If we want to heal our whole self, we need to engage the body. Otherwise we risk living by personal truths that no longer reflect our reality. By leaning into our edge of discomfort zone, we expand our range. That’s what makes this work a journey of self-discovery. 

Our bodies are tremendously underutilized resources for learning and changing in life. Both yoga and somatic therapy share a respect for the body as a vehicle for insight and healing. This style of therapy is gentle, yet deep. It’s a steady practice that focuses on ease and grace. Think of the increased circulation, enhanced flexibility, and overall life enhancement as perks of the practice.

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