What are chakras?

What are chakras?

Energy Centers

Chakras are energy vortexes within each of us. All living things – humans, animals, plants, trees – have a chakra system. Each vortex is associated with specific organs and bodily functions, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Whether you’re studying chakras or quantum physics, you come to learn that everything is energy

Everything has a vibrational frequency, from the most basic atoms to the solar system, everything is made up of energy. That energy has many names: qi, chi, ki, prana, bioplasm, and life force, among others.

Think of chakras as a tuning fork. The energy centers cover our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The chakra system helps us find where we are out of alignment. More often than not, you already know you’re out of balance. The daunting part, for most, is knowing where to begin. We start with baby steps. That’s the nature of change.

Ease comes when our habits align with nature. Whereas the primary cause of dis-ease is making choices that are out of alignment with nature. Just as our vital organs needs tonification, so does our energy. Chakras are the energy centers in our body. In this way, think of Mindful Embodied Therapy as a way to balance and “tonify” your energy.

Blocked Energy

Because we carry our stories in our bodies and these narratives inform how we live our lives, it’s vital that we tune into how we feel within. While some of our stories are true, many are outdated yet we continue to live by them, unchecked and unchallenged.

More specifically, we hold these beliefs in our energy centers. By learning how our individual energy systems work and addressing areas of tension, we can heal ourselves on a deep and profound level.

Using the chakra system as a map, your healing journey can be more direct, profound and intentional. This system maps onto the body through the nervous system, onto the psyche through childhood development, and onto the spirit through states of consciousness.

Energy Flow

You will learn why it’s important to keep your energy flowing and free of blockages. Blockages and imbalances can come from stress, diet, trauma, injuries, neglect, misuse, and overuse – to name a few. This isn’t about achieving an unrealistic ideal. It’s about having the knowledge, tools and self-love to course correct when you get off path.

When we get in tune into the energy within, we connect with ourselves more fully. We learn to pinpoint our stuckness and begin to heal on a deeper level, which is key to sustaining vibrant health. This is why mindfulness-based practices, such as Mindful Embodied Therapy, help us to connect the mind with body and spirit.

It’s all connected.

While yoga is outstanding at connecting body and spirit, what it doesn’t address are the wounds of the psyche, or soul. Mindful Embodied Therapy uses yoga to access the body while utilizing a wide range of healing modalities from traditional psychotherapy. This approach honors the full spectrum of human aliveness.

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