Elements of My Style


Somatic psychotherapy engages the whole person – body and mind. In this style, tensions and sensations are explored and gently released. It’s an intuitive approach that utilizes the natural wisdom of our bodies. Engaging the body in this way awakens your innate healing tendencies. You feel more easeful, resourced and free.

Depth Oriented

Depth psychology is a holistic methodology. Body, mind and soul are equal and active routes to healing. It understands that we are meaning-seeking beings who suffer when our lives feel adrift. It also recognizes that the past is still active within us, creating patterns and telling us stories that diminish our freedom of choice.


Psychodynamic therapy uncovers the patterns driving our behavior. Its goal is to understand how behavior and mood are influenced by thoughts and feelings. We do this by increasing awareness and compassion.

Relationships are an important piece of the psychodynamic approach. Examining your relationship with your self is the work of therapy. We do this by lowering the noise and listening within. This connection with your wise self breaks patterns that are no longer serving you and lays the groundwork for newer ways of being.


As emotions follow thoughts, the stories we tell ourselves matter.  It’s never the other way around. I use mindfulness-based techniques along with active imagination, free-flow writing and yin yoga to help you listen to what seeks to be heard.

Each of us has a moment when life looks us square in the eye and says, “Now what?” The choices we make in those moments determines the quality of our lives. Decisions big and small, we’re all engaged in the task of learning to become more fully human. Slowing down helps us to do this important task. As we look within, we see that every choice we have made (or not made) has brought us to where we are now.

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