How is somatic therapy different?

How is somatic therapy different?

Gentle Lasting Change

Somatic therapy respect the body as a vehicle for insight and healing. In itself, the simple but profound process of learning to feel and experience our bodies from the inside is a game-changer. Mindful Embodied Therapy utilizes movement, neurobiology, mindfulness and parts work to support whole person healing. The slow and steady pace is well suited for deep work without overwhelming the mind.

Whole Person Healing

While content is valuable, once the narrative has been spoken words can pull us away from a deeper truth trying to emerge. For this reason, I help guide you back to your body: “What do you notice when you fear rejection?” The word embodiment refers to our ability to consistently rest our care and attention on our immediate experience. Clients who work with me get really good at noticing their inner world.

If we want to realize our fullest potential, the body must be included. We cannot think ourselves whole. We must physically experience it by releasing blocked energy with present moment awareness. As we grow increasingly dependent on technology, we are forced to override messages from our body. When we are disembodied in this way, we live removed from the power and wisdom that comes from the body. Energy stagnates. Joints get sore and muscles turn slack from lack of use.

The Journey

As part of the journey to wholeness, we need to form a loving relationship with ourselves and heal old wounds. The question is, how? How do we release this frozen hurt to access ease and flow? Gently and gradually. The goal of mindful embodied therapy is to provide you with a different experience of self. Over time, these mini experiences of self gain traction. As we move from fixity to flow, we feel connected to life in a deeper more meaningful way.

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