Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War. Seeking help, he turned to yoga. Though doctors said he’d never walk again, Arthur persevered.

His story is proof, that we can’t place limits on what we can do. Arthur didn’t know what he’d go on to accomplish. He simply believed in his innate healing.

You have the same capacity. It is within you at all times. Never give up.

James Brown & Bobby Byrd perform live Soul Power & Get Involved, for Italian TV in 1971. The choreography is tight and the movement is strong and fluid. Everything is in motion and it all goes together. This is what aliveness looks like. Fluid movement, strength and energy.

I was moved by the effect music had on this captivating woman. In the 60’s, Marta was a Prima Ballerina for the NYC Ballet. Her memory is gone but her body remembers. She is overcome from the start. Halfway through, she stops, unable to take in more. It’s astonishing testimony to music, muscle memory and spirit.

We can’t be afraid to be vulnerable. The edge is where our aliveness lives. Turn it up and get your body moving. The goal of Mindful Essentrics is to feel balanced and light.

“Water Me” by Lizzo.

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