Fun and Informative

My body was feeling cranky and I realized ‘I need to see Kerry.’ Her classes are healing, rebalancing, empowering, personable, fun and informative. I highly recommend them!”

Increased Mindfulness

Doing these exercises has made me more mindful. I think that is a large part of improving posture, strength, and flexibility. Just simply that act of being aware, that in itself is extremely important.”

Open Welcoming Presence

“Kerry has a warm, open welcoming presence and is a gifted therapist. We have participated in several trainings. I know her work well. She is highly engaged with her clients, genuinely cares, and has the skill needed to help people heal and thrive. I feel highly confident referring to her.”
Jennifer Edlin MFT – Faculty member of the AEDP Institute

Transformative Experience

“My time working with Kerry allowed me to begin to develop a greater awareness of my thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears and emotional needs – and to use that awareness to move closer to self-acceptance. From the beginning, I sensed a remarkable amount of trust, compassion, and kindness which allowed me to express myself openly. I couldn’t have asked for a better or more transformative experience. The work was deep, creative and meaningful.”
Alex – Salem, Oregon


“Caring. Empathic. Effective.”
Greg – Portland, Oregon


“Kerry has offered me a consistent place of support through several of life’s transitions. Kerry is exceptionally kind and genuinely warm. She welcomes the whole of me, especially the parts of me that I have traditionally kept hidden. She has listened deeply to my stories and has offered me compassionate and intelligent insight. I have learned to be kinder to and more curious about myself because Kerry has modeled these ways of being with me. She also taught me practical ways to ground myself when I feel flooded by big emotions. In short, working with Kerry has been healing for me. I highly recommend her to you.”
Sophie – Portland, Oregon

Tender Guidance

“Over the past year, I’ve been able to open up and change in subtle, yet profound ways and I couldn’t have done so without Kerry’s support and tender guidance. This is truly her calling!”
Adrienne – Portland, Oregon

Authentic and Genuine

Kerry is the best! She meets you where you are in an authentic and genuine way. I refer people her way all the time.
Mel – Portland, Oregon

Showed Me How to Love Myself

“I came to Kerry with long history of therapy. Where other therapist told me I needed to love myself. Kerry was the first therapist who gave me a different experience of myself. She showed me how to love myself.
Anonymous – Portland, Oregon

Intuitive Soulful Healer

Kerry puts the tools for change in the client’s hands. I was hesitant to ever “do” therapy as I didn’t want to be dependent on someone else for my happiness. Kerry was very clear. In a friendly, easy way she not only gave me a better understanding of myself, she helped me experience myself as I had always wanted. I have grown and healed through our work. She is a gifted, intuitive, soulful healer. I highly recommend her. She will change your life.
Jordan – Lake Oswego, Oregon


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