The Eight Gates


Our culture has lost many traditional rituals that help women transition through the stages of life. In addition, we live in a society that worships youth. Aging is disparagingly defined by disease, despair and death. Lacking strong role models and rituals of transformation, many people feel lost and alone. Not only is it possible to live vital, meaningful lives across the lifespan – it’s our birthright to do so!  

Many tales from wisdom traditions point metaphorically to eight gates through which we must pass to develop our fullest potential. These gates appear in various forms, across all cultures and provide a pathway to help transition and connect with our true selves.


The second half of life is the ultimate initiation. If we truly understand what is required at this stage, we are gifted an enormous opportunity to develop depth, integrity and character. The choice is ours. If we chose to grow and achieve this ever-deepening wisdom, we have to do the work.

To help with this important task, I’ve created this eight class series. We will harness the magical alchemy that is fired when women come together. You know this energy. It’s in your bones. You felt it growing up. Women are amazing at witnessing, supporting and encouraging one another.

This group is the container, crucible, and vessel of transformation. Pulling from ancient text and modern philosophy, we will explore each archetypal passageway through Yin Yoga, thoughtful discussion and free-flow writing.

Each session will have “homework” to practice between, which will help you deepen and embody the lessons offered at each of the Eight Gates. We will explore our relationship to our bodies, sexuality, relationships, and spirituality. Each gate is a threshold to deepen your conversation with life. We will examine what has been significant and meaningful, and what needs to be released.


This series is for women seeking sisterhood and self-empowerment, while also being a safe place to cultivate, balance and reclaim your true self. Though the group is geared toward women in their 40’s and 50’s, it’s open to women of all ages.

This series is about building community and personal empowerment! Class size is limited. Please click the button below to be taken to the contact page. Simply fill it out, stating you’d like to be added to the list. I’ll email the details, answer any questions you may have and notify you when the date is determined.

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