Personal Growth

Opening and Expanding

Self Understanding

Personal growth is ultimately about self-understanding. Many of us haven’t had the opportunity to pause and become connected to our wants and needs. We learn early that in order to make it, we have to hustle for our worth. Personal work puts the breaks on doing. It’s not something static that we master once and for all. By nature, it’s an evolving process. However, in order to get a handle on it, we need to slow down. While therapy can be indispensable during pivotal phases, it also serves a vital role in living a fulfilling life.

Optimal Living

Not everyone who seeks therapy is in a state of crisis or pain. Our potential for growth, change and understanding is endless. Plus, the desire to live a life of purpose, happiness and connection are equally important reasons to see a therapist. Granted, a big part of who we are is fixed. So why not work on accepting who we are and loving who we see? Self-acceptance is an invaluable part of human development. It’s not a fancy idea or a complicated concept which lies somewhere in the future. But to understand it at the deepest level, we must quiet the mind.

Although life may be limited in years, our potential for growth, change and understanding is endless. But that potential can only be fulfilled when we know how to be still, when we know how to let go of all the things we think we know and think we ought to know, and simply rest the mind, free from judgement.

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