Personal Journey

Personal Journey

Finding My Way

During my thirties, I opened one of Portland’s early Pilates studios, learned to teach Kids Yoga and studied Thai Yoga Massage. For three years I ran a small restaurant and created a line of plant-based foods called Holy Chow. At the end of the decade, I went back to school, earned my master’s, got married, and opened a private practice. After fifteen years as a clinical therapist, I rededicated myself to movement.

In Jungian psychology there is a phrase to describe the impulse to help others based on your own experience of pain. The archetype is called the “wounded healer.” I believe movement instructors bring a similar depth to their teaching when they’ve healed themselves through the work. At least, that’s my story. Somewhere in my 40’s, after a decade of sitting with clients, everything started to hurt. 

Since I was a teen, I’ve had a passion for healthy living so it was difficult to not feel my body was betraying me. All the “right” boxes were checked: diet, exercise, sleep and stress-management. But when MRI’s revealed that I have advanced osteoarthritis in all the joints of my lower extremities, I could no longer deny the truth. The accidents of my youth had caught up with me.

No blame. No shame. It’s just life. Thankfully, in the process of finding healing for myself I found a new way to help others heal.

Doing the Work

The first time I saw Miranda Esmonde-White, I was intrigued. Her movements reminded me of Jack LaLanne. The man was a game-changing icon with the heart of a lion, but he’s dated. I found myself wanting to dismiss her because the movements seemed too simple and slow.

Yet there was no denying this woman was bursting with technicolor energy despite being twenty years my senior. Plus, what she was saying was spot on. I learned about the function of connective tissue during my Yin Yoga training. Now Miranda was dropping the science. Knowing the why behind the work is what brought it all together. 

As I work toward certification in Essentrics™ I am being gifted the rare opportunity of being a student and a teacher. To be learning something engaging while simultaneously healing myself of pain is a rare treat. People like Miranda and Jack inspire me, but it’s wanting to help others that keeps me going. 

I’m slated to be certified in early spring of ’22, just in time for the Oregon mask mandate to lift! 


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