What are meridians?

What are meridians?

Energetic Networks

The simplest definition is that a meridian is an energetic highway in the human body. Meridians allow for the flow of energy, known as qi (chi, prana, life force), to circulate throughout the body. While it is tempting to think of meridians like the circulatory system, this is not the case. Meridians are energetic networks.

According to Asian Medicine, we not only have a physical body, we have an energetic one as well. This subtle “energetic” body transmits information related to every process in both body and mind. In this way, you can think of meridians as invisible energy pathways, or channels, through which our vital life energy flows. Anything that disrupts the current is said to cause illness and dis-ease.

Energy Flow

When qi flows freely, the body remains healthy and vital. Trauma, stress, and tension are a part of life. If we are unable to discharge their energy, over time, the meridians can become clogged or stagnant. The most common area of blockage are the joints. In fact, most injuries we experience are joint related. Think knees, wrist, hips and shoulders.

Many masters, including my teacher Paul Grilley, suggest that the connective tissues of the body house a highly sensitive energy system than can be positively influenced by the way the body is treated. There are a variety of healing practices that can help move the energy along the meridian pathways. As mind and body are connected, whenever we heal one the other is positively impacted.

Trauma, stress, and tension are unavoidable aspects of life. If we don’t learn how to discharge their toxic energy, over time, the meridians can become clogged or stagnant. Mindful Embodied Therapy utilizes breathwork (pranayama) and movement (yin yoga) to increase the flow of energy around our tight and stuck places such as our hips, knees, shoulders and feet. As frozen energy melts, balance is restored. This, in turn, enlivens the body and clears the mind.

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